Portraits & Pricing

We try to keep things as simple as possible.  For that reason we choose to offer what may seem like a limited number of options, and we don’t want to overwhelm anybody, so here goes.  Additional services and options are always possible so please contact us if you want something other than what appears here.

See The Fine Print below.

The BIG DEAL - Portrait Subscription

For the low discounted price of $495 you can reserve up to four (4) family portrait or individual sessions in one (1) calendar year.
Just contact us and reserve any open spot throughout the year.  This is a savings of $285.  (Must be fully pre-paid, no refunds.)

Plan ahead for family milestones, important events in your life, or whatever.  For example, you could map your new baby’s first year… newborn photos, family shots, holiday shots, and first birthday.  Contact us today!

The Fine Print

What you will get…

  1. You will get will get a chance to proof and approve all photos prior to final issue.  Proofs will have a watermark or logo.
  2. You will receive one (1) hi-resolution photo suitable for quality printing and one (1) low-resolution photo for social media, email, and website use of each final photo.  Final photos will not have a watermark or logo.
  3. You will also receive a release form for unlimited use and printing.  You can print as many photos as your heart desires.
  4. No guarantees, but we like to have fun and may suggest some funny photos.  Funny faces, goofy stuff, things like that.  Any that come out you will get copies free.  No charge!
  5. All stated prices include sales tax.  What you see is what you pay.


What you will not get…

  1. We do not provide or sell physical prints, but we can suggest some great professional printers
  2. Stated prices do not include other extra fees, or shipping (if applicable), or any special requests.
  3. “Pets” means cats and/or dogs… mammals, basically.  Ken is not fond of reptiles and Missy would never allow spiders!
  4. All clients are required to sign a model release for themselves and/or any minors and pets.  This allows us to market our business properly.