About Us

Missy and I like to tell people we met on the internet in 2002, though not on a dating site.  We met in a social group.  I moved to Iowa in 2005 and that was close enough to Michigan so we decided to meet in person.  The rest, to use a well-known cliche, is history.  She moved here in 2006 and we married in 2010.


Photography has always been part of our lives together.  Missy is the outgoing “people person” and I am the more quiet technical person.  For photography she works with the babies and coordinates poses and makes sure everyone’s clothing looks good, and I just take the photos.  (I have the easy part.)


After years of discussion back and forth we decided to combine our talents and move into portrait photography in 2020.  We have a beginning portfolio for you to peruse, and some basic pricing plans from which to choose.  We are flexible and look forward to making new friends and serving your needs and desires.

About Ken

Born and raised in California… with a pit-stop in El Paso, Texas… I now reside in eastern Iowa, and consider Iowa and the mid-west as my home. I have had the good fortune to see much of America as well as other countries and continents, and have been pleased to discover the natural and often overlooked beauty that is the American mid-west.


While I have always had a camera of some type for almost four decades now, I didn’t get serious about photography until 2000, and I jumped in with both feet. I started with film initially, and I developed (no pun intended) a fondness for Kodachrome and Fuji Sensia slide films, which I thought produced better prints and better colors overall. While I did have a California-oriented website (that is now defunct) that offered images for sale, my photography was really only a hobby.


I moved to eastern Iowa in 2005, and purchased a bunch of medium format gear. I loved my Yashica-mat LM square format camera and my Pentax 67II, which I described as a “giant SLR”. A couple years later I started the first version of my Iowa website… Iowa Landscape Photography… as well. In about 2010 I felt that I was spreading myself too thin with too much equipment, so I made the decision to sell all my film equipment and focus (still no pun intended, maybe) solely on digital. This included selling my beloved medium format gear, but I had to go all the way or not go at all.


Fast forward to today, and as I mentioned in the beginning, here we are. My interests have expanded far beyond just night and low-light photography. I have expanded into macro, general landscape, seasons, and even people.  Imagine that!

About Missy

I spent my first 30+ years in Michigan. It was just my mom and I growing up. I moved to Iowa in 2006 to be with my now husband, Ken. I still go back to my Michigan home to visit family several times a year, but I know where my real home is now. I will entertain moving someday, but I do love the Midwest!


When I moved here to Iowa I was open to learning about photography. I tried my hand at serious photography. I went with Ken to the photo club he is a member of. I tried to learn the ins and outs of using an SLR. It took me a little bit, but I decided to leave the photos to Ken. I am better at being the assistant! I do love to take pictures, but I am a snapshot kind of girl.


Recently we decided to expand from landscape photography into portrait photography. It has been a challenge for us both, but we are happy to have made that step. I enjoy researching poses and props and all kinds of things that will enhance the experience of our clients. That is my kind of fun!


If I am not doing something for our photography business, I am spending time with our fur babies, playing on my computer, or working on some sort of craft. I love to make gift baskets and anything I can make with buttons!